Review of Flightright in 2021: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Fees, Convenience & Customer Opinion

Flightright enforces flight compensation claims of €250-600 against airlines. From this amount, the company keeps ~25-50% as a fee – but only if it succeeds.

Is this offer worthwhile? Our review gives answers. In 2021 we have evaluated Flightright again. Based on our findings, the following article provides a complete overview of the company’s success rate, the waiting time until payout and the service’s convenience and customer satisfaction.

Flightright has been helping passengers to claim the flight compensation they are entitled to in the event of delays or cancellations for more than ten years now. In the meantime, however, numerous competitors have also begun to offer a similar service. So, is Flightright still Europe’s best flight compensation company?

To assess Flightright’s terms and conditions, we have subjected them to an extensive test and compared them with the most promising alternatives available in 2021: For your convenience, we have compiled the main conclusions from our analysis right below. All details about Flightright’s success fees, the duration of its service’s procedure, required contributions by users and customer ratings are presented further down in this report.

Time until Payout

Several months

Qamqam Bewertung 3.0

Compare Flightright with other flight compensation websites now.

As the basis of the ratings shown above, Qamqam has thoroughly examined,

  1. how much flight compensation Flightright pays out and how much the company deducts in fees,
  2. how long it takes until a customer receives a payment after contacting Flightright,
  3. what effort a user must invest to help in the enforcement process and
  4. what customers appreciate about their experience with Flightright and what they do not like about it (systematic assessment of posts on review websites)

Flightright auf dem Prüfstand

Flightright put to the test

Flightright im Qamqam-Ranking

Overall Result

Flightright achieves a mediocre result of 3.8 out of 5 possible stars in Qamqam’s rating system.

On the one hand, the flight compensation company reaches top grades points in terms of convenience: Its online form to check a flight’s eligibility and submit a case is one of the most advanced in the industry. When Flightright enforces a claim, the customer’s involvement in the process is extremely low, which makes its service particularly stressfree.

Nevertheless, the company cannot outbid its competitors in terms of the fees it charges or rather the amount it pays out and the time until the payment is made. Consequently, its customer ratings on review websites are not outstanding either compared to other flight compensation companies.

The results of our research can be summarized as follows. This is how Flightright fares under the various criteria:

Service fee
... 25-50% (incl. VAT)
Other websites ≈ 29% (incl. VAT)
Payout amount
... max. 400,08€
Other companies max. 450,00€
Payout speed
... Several Months
Other companies 1-3 days
... Very high
Other websites Okay
Customer reviews
... Good
Other companies Excellent

Which website offers the best flight compensation deal for your flight?

To make Qamqam’s evaluation understandable, we explain our findings for each category of our examination in one of the subsequent sections. Thereby, reading through the article will allow you to gain a comprehensive overview on the quality of Flightright’s service.

If you prefer to learn how other flight compensation providers rank compared to Flightright, you can find more information on this page, which compares the largest German passenger rights companies.

Alternatively, you can use our free comparison tool if you want to find out about the specific offers different flight compensation websites provide for specific cases of flight disruptions.

Which passenger rights does Flightright help to enforce?

Seitenteiler für die Sektion des Verfahrens eines Anbieters im Testbericht

Before analyzing Flightright’s conditions in detail, this article will first provide a brief overview on the different cases of flight disruptions for which the company offers its services. This is because the array of passenger rights which Flightright can help enforce has widened considerably following the spread of coronavirus.

Until the beginning of 2020, Flightright only offered to assert claims to flight compensation for delays or cancellations on behalf of its customers. Airlines owe passengers this lump sum of up to €600 p.p. to reimburse them for the inconvenience suffered due to the flight disruption but not as a substitute for the transportation service.

In consequence, travellers are entitled to the latter as well or – if they are not offered an alternative flight – to a refund of the fare. This second type of reimbursement gained tremendous relevance in the course of the corona pandemic because airlines sought to issue vouchers instead of paying back cash.

This is why Flightright decided to extend its service to enforce claims to refund a fare, too. For this purpose, the air passenger rights company introduced a second online form to check users‘ eligibility to ticket refunds.

If Flightright finds that a passenger qualifies, it offers to enforce the respective claim for free if the airline makes a payment within 7 days. If the case takes longer but can be settled out of court, Flightright charges a 14% success fee plus VAT. Should legal action become necessary, this rate doubles.

However, Flightright operates on a „no win, no fee“ basis in this regard as well. Therefore, it will only deduct its success rate once the airline makes a payment so that customers run no risk in hiring Flightright.

Amount of payout and fees

Seitenteiler Auszahlungshöhe mit 3 Sternen Grafik

In the event of a delay of more than three hours or another severe flight irregularity, art. 7 para. 1 of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 entitles air passengers to a lump-sum compensation of

  • € 250 in cases of short trips (up to 1,500 kilometers / 932 miles),
  • € 400 in cases of medium-haul routes (up to 3,500 kilometers / 2,175 miles) and
  • € 600 in cases of long-distance flights to or from a destination outside of Europe.

Said amounts are granted per passenger, not just per booking. If (and only if) such claims are successfully enforced by Flightright, the company will in any case retain 20 to 30 % of their face value plus VAT as a fee for its services. Consequently, the payout to each customer can amount to

  • € 160.75 to € 190.50 for short distance flights,
  • € 257.20 to € 304.80 for medium-haul flights and
  • € 385.80 € to € 457.20 for long distance flights.

Since 2019, Flightright deducts an additional surcharge of 14 percent if a lawyer is needed to pursue a claim. Before we go into more detail regarding these supplemental deductions, however, we would like to explain further what basic fee in the range of 20-30 percent a customer typically has to expect.

Flightright has not published any information about when and how often the company charges rather high rates and when its more favorable conditions apply. However, a tangible guideline for its usual basic fee without the litigation surcharge is given if one assumes the arithmetic mean, i.e. 25% plus VAT.

Our examination of success fees charged in cases of various individual flights indicates that this is by no means an exaggeration of the average amount retained by Flightright. Instead, the sample suggests that the company usually charges a basic rate of 28% plus VAT.

Unsere Stichprobe vom 29.07.2019 zeigte für diverse beispielhaft eingegebene verspätete oder ausgefallene Flüge sogar durchgehend eine Provision beispielsweise 28 Prozent plus Mehrwertsteuer. Dieser einheitliche Wert betraf gleichermaßen große nationale Carrier wie die Lufthansa und Billigflieger wie Ryanair und erstreckte sich über Flüge aller Distanzklassen.

Fallstudie zur Provisionsspanne bei Flightright | Qamqam*zzgl. 19% MwSt.
Auszahlung Kosten Provision*
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
400,08€ 199,92€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
TAP Portugal
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
TAP Portugal
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
W6 2312
Wizz Air
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
SAS Scandinavian
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
X3 4107
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
Air Baltic
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
Air France
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
X3 2258
266,72€ 133,28€ 28%
400,08€ 199,92€ 28%
400,08€ 199,92€ 28%
British Airways
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
Swiss Air
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
United Airlines
400,08€ 199,92€ 28%
166,70€ 83,30€ 28%
Air France
400,08€ 199,92€ 28%

Natürlich wissen wir nicht, wie repräsentativ unsere Erhebung ausfällt. Gerade wegen der auffällig hohen Gebührensätze bei den geprüften Flügen empfehlen wir Fluggästen aber, zur Prüfung eines konkreten Fluges unseren kostenlosen Vergleichsrechner zu nutzen. Dieser kontrolliert in wenigen Minuten, welche Konditionen Flightright und andere Anbieter für einen bestimmten Flug bieten. So lässt sich rasch ersehen, ob Flightright für den eigenen Flug womöglich eine niedrigere Provision ansetzt oder welcher Konkurrent weniger einbehält. Ansonsten lässt sich jedenfalls bereits feststellen: Trotz Dutzender Eingaben von annullierten und erheblich verzögerten Flügen fand sich kein Fall, bei dem Flightrights System eine Provision unter 25 Prozent vorschlug. Es scheint daher dem Unternehmen kein Unrecht zu tun, wenn man die durchschnittliche Provision auf der Mitte der angegebenen Spanne ansetzt. Nach der Stichprobe liegt der Durchschnittswert tendenziell sogar eher höher. Nach Hinzurechnung der Mehrwertsteuer beläuft sich die Provision nach dem dargelegten Durchschnittswert effektiv auf knapp 30 Prozent. Dem Fluggast zahlt Flightright bei erfolgreicher Durchsetzung seines Anspruchs demnach typischerweise etwas mehr als 70 Prozent seines Forderungswerts. Nach Abzug der Provision beläuft sich die Auszahlungssumme also auf ungefähr

  • 175,63 € bei Kurzstreckenflügen bis zu 1.500 km Länge,
  • 281 € bei Mittelstreckenflügen bis 3.500 km Länge und
  • 421,50 € bei Langstreckenflügen über 3.500 km Länge.
Dies entspricht auch ungefähr den Werten, die Flightright bis 2017 fix ansetzte, ehe das Unternehmen dazu überging, die Provision variabel im Korridor von 20-30% festzusetzen.

If Flightright merely deducted the service fee, the company would outperform at least some of its competitors in terms of the payout ratio. However, Flightright’s costs are not always limited to the typical 28% basic rate. This is because the company often adds surcharges which are not displayed on its main page or in its ads but only in the online form (in the German version) shortly before a binding request is submitted by a customer (see the following screenshot from October 10, 2020):

Anwaltszuschlag | Flightright

Surprisingly, as of May 1, 2021, the surcharge is not mentioned in the English version of the form (whereas the English GTC make reference to it).

Lawyer's Surcharge | Flightright

If an airline does not pay without the assistance of an attorney, Flightright will charge its customers an additional 14% legal action fee (plus VAT). This will be subtracted from the compensation amount paid to the passenger in addition to the basic fee. Whether the lawyer’s surcharge is added is determined by the General Terms and Conditions of Flightright: „If Flightright’s endeavours to enforce the Claim are insufficient but there are reasonable chances of success, we may engage a contract lawyer to enforce the Claim” (See point 1.3 of Flightright’s GTC).

This means: Even the extrajudicial reminder letter from a lawyer after the initial request by Flightright and even more so the filing of a lawsuit will increase the fee the company charges. At the same time, the service provider will only waive the lawyer’s surcharge if it merely has to send a simple extrajudicial claim letter to the airline.

Flightright does not explicitly state how often it must take additional legal action to enforce claims for flight compensation on behalf of its customers. However, if the frequency of legal proceedings is 60-80% across all disputes, as is the case with other passenger rights companies, a customer can well expect to pay the lawyer’s surcharge in addition to the basic fee. This typically results in a higher overall rate than the ones Flightright’s competitors are asking for.

Assuming a 28% basic fee and 19% VAT, Flightright’s customers will receive only about half of their claims’ face value if legal action becomes necessary, namely

  • €125.05 for short distance flights,
  • €200.08 for medium-haul flights and
  • €300.12 for long distance flights.

If you regard this scenario as common (due to reasons stated above), Flightright’s compensation payout amount falls short of the average. Since Flightright does not publish any statistics regarding the percentage of cases requiring legal proceedings, one can only speculate how often the passenger rights company charges the mere basic fee without the surcharge for legal action.

But even if one assumes that in one’s own case no legal action for debt recovery will be necessary, one should take into account: Flightright charges the small commission only where a simple extrajudicial request from the airline is sufficient for payment and no lawyer is involved.

In such advantageous cases, the air traveller could also enforce the compensation payment himself and save the fee for a service provider altogether. In reality, however, such constellations are rather the exception (see the detailed description in our article on ways to enforce claims to flight compensation).

Our analysis of Flightright’s terms and conditions therefore revealed that at the present time, the company typically pays out substantially lower compensation amounts than other service providers. Who pays out how much in which cases is explained in our overall comparison of the different passenger rights companies.

In any event, Flightright and Airhelp charge the highest rates for a risk-free enforcement service across the industry.

The only exceptions occur when Flightright publishes a promotion code, hands out vouchers or grants a discount. However, this only happens irregulary and merely through specific channels. Whereas public coupon platforms sometimes still mention special conditions as well, they only reflect the usual rates Flightright offers upon closer inspection. So as long as Flightright does not target you through an exclusive advertising campaign, you should expect the standard conditions described above.

Payout amount of Flightright compared

Comparison of the payout amount offered by large flight compensation agencies
Company Payout amount
EUclaim max. 393,00€
Ø37,98% (incl. VAT)
Ersatz-Pilot max. 450,00€
25-29% (incl. VAT)
FairPlane max. 425,10€
≈ 29% (incl. VAT) max. 390,00€
35-50% (incl. VAT)
Airhelp max. 390,00€
35-50% (incl. VAT)
Compensation2Go max. 392,00€
34,51% (incl. VAT)
EUflight max. 400,08€
33,32% (incl. VAT)
Flightright max. 400,08€
23,8-52,36% (incl. VAT)
Wir kaufen deinen Flug max. 350,10€
41,65% (incl. VAT)

Which company pays for your flight?

In terms of its rates, Flightright is outperformed by the collection service provider EUclaim and the direct compensator Refund Pilot under almost any circumstances. They usually offer significantly lower fees and higher payouts.

As far as it concerns the amount of compensation, Flightright is merely on par with some director compensation which demand similarly high rates because (unlike Flightright) they pay their customers out immediately upon reviewing their application.

Therefore, Flightright receives only three of five possible stars in the compensation amount category. To find out how other passenger portals perform in this category and what commission they charge in each case please refer to the following comparison of the largest providers in Europe.


Seitenteiler Geschwindigkeit Service mit 3 Sternen Grafik

Flightright is a so-called collection service provider.

This means that the company only pays its customers the promised compensation once a passenger’s claim against the airline in question has been fully enforced and yielded a payment to Flightright. Depending on the case and the airline, the the waiting time until this happens varies considerably.

In some cases, airlines are cooperative and pay out the compensation they owe after the first request. If Flightright then forwards the amount promptly, a customer will ideally have a waiting period of „only“ three to five weeks between the first case check on Flightright’s website and the receipt of payment on his account. However, this constitutes the shortest possible duration of the enforcement process.

On the other hand, customer reviews suggest that there are often cases requiring the extrajudicial involvement of a lawyer or even a lawsuit. An extrajudicial pursuit of the claim by a lawyer takes one to three months. Furthermore, this measure can only be taken once Flightright must deem it necessary.

Otherwise, if Flightright sued right away, the company would not be entitled to a reimbursement of legal costs by the airline but would have to cover them by itself. This is because the German legal system and most other European jurisdications impose the costs of a legal dispute on the losing party only to the degree that they may be regarded as necessary. And this is typically not the case until an airline does not comply with an extrajudicial request within a reasonable period of time. In consequence, the time limit and a possible extended processing period requested by the airline must first pass by. Hence, if a lawyer has to be hired by Flightright at all, affected customers will have to wait at least two to four months until their compensation is paid out.

If a mere claim letter by a lawyer does not suffice and legal proceedings become necessary, the process takes even longer. How long exactly mostly depends on whether the sued airline is headquartered in the country of the competent court, in another member state of the EU or in a third country. Proceedings against national airlines or those with a legal representative that speaks the court’s language such as an attorney can be conducted without translations. Otherwise, the entire correspondence of the court case must be translated, which costs additional time.

While lawsuits against domestic airlines typically last four to ten months until they transfer the compensation they owe, proceedings against foreign airlines can drag on for more than a year. In customer ratings, you may sometimes even read about cases in which the court’s decision took two or three years.

Measured by the public feedback from customers, waiting for a payout by Flightright requires a few months of patience on average. Especially those who value a speedy enforcement of their passenger rights may therefore ask themselves: Does this duration resemble the market standard?

Certainly, this question cannot be answered in a straightforward way, because especially for collection service providers, the waiting time until a compensation is paid depends on the circumstances of the specific flight irregularity. Some airlines delay the reimbursement they owe longer than others. But at least it can be said that there are various air passenger rights agencies who help customers receive their flight compensation much faster than Flightright. To gain a better understanding about how individual competitors perform under this aspect, we recommend the respective overview in our article on the overall comparison of flight compensation companies.

Waiting time until payout by Flightright compared

Comparison of the duration between application and payment by major flight compensation companies | Qamqam
Website Time until payout
Compensation2Go 1-3 Tage
Ersatz-Pilot 1-3 Tage
EUflight 1-3 Tage
Wir kaufen deinen Flug 1-3 Tage
Airhelp Wochen bis Monate
EUclaim Wochen bis Monate
FairPlane Wochen bis Monate
Flightright Wochen bis Monate Wochen bis Monate

Which company pays for your flight?

In comparison with alternative service providers, Flightright is trailing its competitors. In particular, so-called direct compensators score more points due to the fact that they pay out their customers in a matter of days according to their business model.

Therefore, Flightright only achieves three out of five stars in the payout duration category. Please refer to this article, which compares the largest European companies in the market, to find out more about air passenger rights agencies that speed up their users’ compensation the most.


Seitenteiler Komfort mit 5 Sternen Grafik

Probably the most prominent selling point of Flightright is the following feature of its service: The customer does not incur any cost risk. That means a user does not need to pay for anything upfront – neither for Flightright’s activities, nor for legal fees or court costs. Instead, a passenger only pays a service fee to the company if it succeeds in enforcing a claim for compensation. The latter is simply deduced from the payout amount. In all fairness, however, all other passenger rights agencies follow the same business model.

Likewise, Flightright’s communication channels are also in line with the market standard: The company provides various relevant information in an FAQ area; if questions remain unanswered, an inquiry can be sent to its email address Besides, it used to be possible to contact the company via chat function in the FAQ area. However, the latter does not seem to be available permanently and could not be selected last time we checked on May 1, 2021.

Similarly, Flightright currently does not list a phone number in its contact details. In this respect some competitors such as Compensation2Go, Fairplane and EUflight distinguish themselves from Flightright by maintaining a hotline.

On the other hand, Flightright’s convenient online form sets the company apart from many of its rivals. It examines inquiries much more precisely than the systems of most competitors – apart from those offered by FairPlane and Refund Pilot. The form to apply for compensation is optimized for mobile use and can easily be used as a web application on a smartphone. The fact that Flightright does not have its own app, as far we can see, therefore does not restrict mobile users a lot.

In addition, Flightright’s online form automatically compares a user’s entries with flight information stored in its databases. In many cases, this spares the user from describing the flight irregularity in question manually. Instead, Flightright already determines many of the details of the incident through database queries in the background. For instance, a customer does not even have to type in his flight number but can instead simply pick the departure and the arrival airport from a list and let Flightright’s form suggest the connection he was booked on.

The systematic nature of the online form also allows the user to sign a contract directly online. This in turn eliminates the need for further correspondence and limits the time a user needs to spend to apply for compensation to 10 minutes. This seems quite convenient and provokes the question: Could it even be possibly easier to obtain compensation elsewhere?

Convenience of Flightright compared

User-friendliness of large flight compensation websites in comparison | Qamqam
Company Convenience
Ersatz-Pilot Sehr hoch
Flightright Sehr hoch
EUflight Hoch
EUclaim Hoch
FairPlane Hoch
Airhelp Okay
Compensation2Go Okay Okay
Wir kaufen deinen Flug Okay

Which company pays for your flight?

All in all, Flightright reduces the effort a customer must invest to obtain a compensation payment comparatively far and requires minimal involvement of the passenger. Only one other flight compensation company paves the way to enforce one’s passenger rights just as smoothly. Most other service providers still depend on a lot more manual information by their users since their online forms do not process applications automatically.

Consequently, Flightright earns the full five stars in the convenience category. To discover how other passenger rights platforms perform under this aspect, please have a look at the following comparison of large European flight compensation providers.

Video about Flightright’s service

The well-known German TV channel Prosieben covered Flightright’s online form in its documentary format „Galileo“ and explained its advantages. The movie clip also depicts how applications for compensation are processed by Flightright and how it then enforces its customers’ claims towards the airlines. Therefore, the video provides a helpful visual impression of Flightright’s service in addition to our review in this article.

Customer satisfaction

Seitentrenner Kundenbewertung mit 4 Sternen

Flightright describes itself as „the number 1 in Europe“. But what do its customers say?

On the review platform Trustpilot, the company achieves a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars (as of May 1, 2021). A total of more than 8,000 customers share their opinions on Flightright there. The company also collected more than 2,200 ratings on Google my Business, awarding an average of 4.7 out of five stars.

Hence, most customers appear to be highly satisfied with Flightright’s service. At the same time, only a minority of less than 10% of all commentators voices criticism. However, a comparison with competitors suggests that on a relative scale Flightright barely occupies a medium rank in the industry in terms of customer feedback.

Customer reviews of Flightright in comparison

Comparison of customer satisfaction with major passenger rights agencies | Qamqam
Website Customer ratings
Ersatz-Pilot 4,9/5 (Trustpilot)
EUflight 4,96/5 (
EUclaim 4,6/5 (Trustpilot)
Airhelp 4,6/5 (Trustpilot)
Compensation2Go 4,6/5 (Google)
FairPlane 4,8/5 (Trustpilot)
Flightright 4,8/5 (Trustpilot) 4,5/5 (Trustpilot)
Wir kaufen deinen Flug 4,1/5 (Trustpilot)

Which company pays for your flight?

In the following we evaluate Flightright’s customer reviews in detail. We take a look at what customers particularly appreciate about Flightright’s service and what they often criticize:

Positive experiences

On the one hand, customers praise the uncomplicated online form and the relatively high compensation sums in cases in which Flightright obtains a payment from the airline without a lawsuit. Even where legal action becomes necessary, Flightright apparently succeeds in enforcing claims that have been tested positively in the online form most of the time. Customers can therefore assume that commissioning Flightright usually leads to a payout.

According to their experience with Flightright, reviewers also find its persistence pleasing. Thus, one sometimes reads about proceedings in which Flightright does not shy away from even the most protracted legal disputes that require debt enforcement measures. In August 2020, for instance, the company ordered the seizure of bank accounts after TAP Air Portugal denied complying with court rulings ordering the airline to pay a total of more than € 100,000 in flight compensations.

The assumption that the company cherry-picks claims and refuses to process applications in more complicated cases does not appear to be true – at least only a handful of customers accuse the flight compensation company of this practice. On the other hand, numerous customers appreciate that Flightright bridges the waiting time until enforcement by allowing customers to receive regular status updates via e-mail, which can be viewed on the website’s intranet to stay up to date. Given how often customers of other claim agencies complain about annoying automatic e-mails, Flightright’s communication standards seem to be superior.

Another positive aspect many customers point out is that Flightright quickly pays out compensation amounts after it obtains it from the airline. The impression that the company usually manages to arrange the payment of flight compensation swiftly is also confirmed by this report on Flightright. Therefore, the waiting time of its customers is not dragged out additionally by any internal delays in the company’s bookkeeping. According to some reports, passengers using Flightright had the promised compensation amount in their balance just 24 hours after the conclusion of the proceedings. It should be noted, though, that the latter can take months or even years depending on how adamantly the respective airline opposes a claim to flight compensation.

Besides, Flightright’s customers benefit from the fact that the company maintains an extensive network of partner lawyers across Europe. Hence, it can sue airlines for claims related to flight disruptions suffered on connections to or from almost any airport in the EU – at least in theory. However, this advantage is overshadowed by the reviews of some customers, according to which Flightright sometimes only notices months into the process that in a specific case no partner lawyer is available in the respective country of jurisdiction.

Such incidents can be explained by the fact that Flightright also attempts an extra-judicial enforcement beyond the German jurisdiction, for example, when flying from Rome to Madrid. However, if such an attempt fails and a lawsuit must be filed, Flightright is unfortunately not always able to continue the proceedings if there is a lack of partner lawyers on site. Therefore, for flights without a start or destination in Germany, Flightright has only limited means of legal action.

Nevertheless, various customer ratings have shown appreciation regarding the fact that the company, unlike many other providers, at least tries to enforce claims for compensation for flights not departing or arriving in Germany.

Negative experiences

What customers critize most frequently about Flightright’s service are the long waiting times caused by the nature of the business model (you can find this complaint in the following review of Flightright, for instance). Certainly, it is not Flightright’s fault if airlines that are unwilling to pay require the company to take legal action and sometimes do not even hand out the compensation until enforcement proceedings are launched.

Conversely, director compensators like Refund Pilot show that it is quite possible to spare customers the inconvenience of having to wait for months until their flight compensation is paid out. Consequently, several commentators have voiced dissatisfaction with Flightright’s voluntary decision to shun the risk of advance payment. Particularly where an airline goes bankrupt during the ongoing proceedings, some customer reviews highlight the difference: With Flightright, enforcement attempts remain unsuccessful due to the insolvency of the respective airline in those cases. Flightright’s efforts to take legal action will end as soon as a carrier files for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, customers of director compensators who already received an immediate payment upon using their service are allowed to keep their flight compensation. This is because their business model imposes the insolvency risk on the service provider after its payout to a customer.

In addition, some customers publicly complain that Flightright often only enforces one claim for a specific flight for tactical reasons while letting remaining passengers wait. Only after a positive court decision the enforcement of the remaining claims is being pursued. Although this reduces the risk of litigation costs, it lengthens the proceedings, much to the annoyance of passengers and the deterioration of their experience with Flightright.

In addition, some customers report that Flightright occasionally ceases legal action contrary to its initial promises if a successful enforcement turns out to be more difficult than originally assumed. The main criticism here concerns the contradiction of Flightright’s assessment of the same case at different times. More specifically, the company sometimes classifies a case as highly promising in the beginning just to consider further legal action futile upon receiving the airline’s first pleading in court (as this experience report on Flightright describes, for example). Understandably, customers struggle to comprehend such ambigiuous statements, which clouds their experience with Flightright: Affected customers ask themselves why they were not informed adequately about their chances of earning flight compensation in the first place.

Various reviewers also express a negative view of the rarely individualized customer communication in such constellations. Apparently, Flightright sometimes does not go into detail about the reasons why individual cases are not processed further.

Tellingly, Flightright apparently does not react individually to such evaluations, but mostly only provides standardised feedback. The following commentary on customer feedback shows an example for this:

20-10-17 Flightright Customer Standard Feedback

Another point of criticism is that Flightright sometimes leaves questions about the status of the proceedings completely unanswered. Such a lack of availability often exasperates affected passengers and causes them to rate their experience with Flightright negatively. Partly in response to public criticism from customers, Flightright justifies this by explaining that between the initial response from the airline and the filing of a lawsuit, the provider’s partner lawyers need several months to examine the chances of success (see below).

20-10-17 Flightright False Assessment

Such long periods in between the enforcement of claims have rarely come to our attention when competitors pursue legal action. These additional waiting periods thus seem to be avoidable.

Furthermore, customers repeatedly complain about how Flightright deals with settlement proposals from airlines. While full compensation is initially guaranteed, it often happens that airlines try to reach an out-of-court agreement to just pay a fraction.

According to numerous customer reviews, Flightright advises to accept such offers and, contrary to previous assessments, justifies this with the risk of otherwise losing in court and being left empty-handed. In addition, passengers are only afforded with a limited time window of a few days to reject Flightright’s proposal to accept a settlement. What sparks additional frustration in such constellation is that Flightright deducts its complete service fee either way, so that only a fraction of the flight compensation’s face value remains for the customers.

The statistical significance of public reviews

The number of evaluations sounds considerable at first glance since it allows a meaningful judgment based on a rich array of impressions. It should be noted, however, that the number is rather small in relation to the total number of customers.

According to its own figures, Flightright has already pursued claims for flight compensation with a cumulated value of over €300 million. Assuming that the average claim amounts to €400, this number corresponds to at least 750,000 claims.

Even when taking into account that the service is sometimes used several times by the same passengers, not even every hundredth user published a review.

This provokes the question: Why is it that 99% of customers do not comment? There are certainly several possible explanations for this. It should be noted, however, that the vast silent majority of customers is neither enthusiastic nor angry enough to feel the need to share their experiences with Flightright openly.

One inference from this is that most users are moderately satisfied. They are not overly excited about the service, but did not suffer any major inconvenience either.

Taking all this into consideration, Flightright scores four stars out of five in the category customer satisfaction. This comparison of the largest German service providers shows how the other service providers have been rated in this category.

Flightright or an alternative?

Ist der Anbieter für meinen Fall geeignet?

A decision for or against Flightright depends above all on what users value individually. It is therefore advisable for every passenger to compare the offers of different flight compensation companies before choosing a specific service provider.

At least in some cases, it can be worthwhile to take a look at Flightright’s competitors: They often charge lower fees and a few companies like Refund Pilot even pay out the promised flight compensation sum faster than Flightright. Against this background, Qamqam has developed a free online tool that evaluates which air passenger rights agency offers flight compensation for specific flights and, if so, under what conditions.

Did a significant flight irregularity occur during one of your journeys? Then you are welcome to test our comparison form to see which service provider can help you most reliably to claim your compensation payment for a reasonable fee.

Alternatively, you may want to use Flightright’s compensation calculator right here.

More information on Flightright

In the following list we have compiled further interesting articles and field reports related Flightright’s compensation service.

  • In one article, Stiftung Warentest discusses the path to flight compensation. Therein, the conditions of Flightright are compared with those of its competitors.
  • The German travel blog Urlaubsguru took a closer look at Flightright’s selling points in this article. The authors at Urlaubsguru conclude: „If you want to insist on your passenger rights but don’t want to put yourself through the stress, Flightright or one of the other agencies is a good choice for you“.
  • In another article, the German news outlet Spiegel Online deals with the history of air passenger rights companies. Using Flightright as an example, Spiegel Online shows how such service providers have enabled travellers to face airlines on an equal footing when asserting their passenger rights.
  • Furthermore, the media hub Welt has compared six major German passenger rights websites. The website’s contribution assembles important information and key figures related to Flightright and other competitors.
  • TripAdvisor is one of the largest German travel platforms. Here, too, you will find numerous recent reports from Flightright’s customers.

Seitentrenner Vergleich der Fluggastportale

What are air passengers entitled to apart from flight compensation?

Unfortunately, only few passengers are aware that the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation does not only oblige airlines to make lump-sum compensation payments in cases of flight irregularities.

In addition, airlines must also try to alleviate the inconvenience suffered by affected passengers in other ways.

For example, if a flight is delayed or cancelled and the transportation is postponed until the following day, the responsible carrier must pay for its passengers’ hotel accommodation. Moreover, travellers are entitled to free snacks and drinks after delays of two hours already.

Has your luggage been damaged or have you suffered other quantifiable damages? In this case, the Montreal Convention and provisions in the relevant national contract law may give rise to claims for compensation towards the airline responsible.

Qamqam has compiled what affected parties are entitled to in addition to compensation. This article provides a general overview of passenger rights in the event of flight delays. Our complete guide on the European right to compensation in the event of cancellation or delay also depicts the conditions under which a passenger is entitled to compensation under the Passenger Rights Regulation.

Further information on your rights under the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation can also be found at the following addresses:

Author: Simon Sturm

Rechtsexperten auf dem Qamqam Anwaltsblog

The article was written by Simon Sturm on January 1, 2021 and updated on May 1, 2021. Mr Sturm founded the comparison website Qamqam in 2018 and has overseen its expansion since then. He also regularly contributes his own reports on Legal Tech companies like the one above.

Knowledge in a nutshell

FAQ | knowledge in a nutshell
Helpful answers to frequently asked questions 4
# 1

Flightright is a flight compensation agency: The company enforces claims for compensation against airlines on behalf of passengers in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. In return, Flightright charges a service fee of 20-30% plus VAT and, if applicable, a lawyer’s surcharge, but only in the event of success. Since its foundation in 2010, Flightright has asserted claims worth over €350 million for its customers.

# 2

Flightright operates on a “no win, no fee” basis. That means you only have to pay for Flightright’s service if a claim for flight compensation is successfully enforced: In this event, Flightright deducts a commission of 20-30% plus VAT, usually 28%, from the amount obtained from an airline. If legal proceedings become necessary, a lawyer’s surcharge of 14% plus VAT is added. In effect, customers will be typically paid out:

  • €125-166.70 p.p. for short-haul flights (where the face value of a claim for flight compensation amounts to €250 prior to the deduction of fees)
  • €200-266,72€ p.p. for medium-haul flights (where the face value of a claim for flight compensation amounts to €400 prior to the deduction of fees)
  • ca. €300-400,08 p.p. for long-haul flights (where the face value of a claim for flight compensation amounts to €600 prior to the deduction of fees)
# 3

Flightright does not publicly provide a telephone number of a customer hotline. However, instead of being available by phone, the flight compensation company allows users to contact it via e-mail at or by fax (+49 (0) 33 02 89 82 81 09). Flightright also answers frequently asked questions in the FAQ section of its website.

Qamqam’s comparison of the individual passenger portals describes the contact options offered by other passenger portals for requests from (potential) users.

# 4

As far as we know, there are occasions when Flightright issues discount or promo codes through certain channels. However, we are not aware that the passenger portal makes such discounts available on a regular basis, for example by posting them publicly on voucher pages. The entries there usually only reflect the normal conditions. The extent to which competing providers permanently charge lower fees than Flightright is shown in Qamqam’s comparison.